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Greentrees Country Day School believes that children should grow through a variety of experiences, with challenging activities that encourage each child’s growth socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically. We are committed to showing our students not just that learning can be fun, but that IT IS FUN!

Our curriculum promotes the development of independence and critical thinking skills by encouraging students to make choices, to explore and ask questions, to solve problems and to interact with their classmates.

In our Pre-K classes, emphasis is placed on alignment with the New York State Pre-Kindergarten Learning Standards, the state's official learning benchmarks.  Your child will acquire their foundation of reading, mathematics, science and social studies in a setting that nurtures discovery as the basis for learning opportunities.

Ultimately, we strive to find the "sweet-spot" between kindergarten preparedness, and an approach to learning that values how children learn best... through hands-on, discovery-based experiences.

If you would like to read more about the New York State Pre-Kindergarten Learning Standards, please click here:

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The attention to detail from all teachers and staff has always been great.  My child always feels happy to go to school, loves her teacher, and is stimulated.  We love you!  We thank you!

Doris W.     June 2020

We really enjoyed James' class and his teacher. She was patient & encouraging.

Thank you!

Antonella D. June 2020

Thank you for having us at Greentrees.  Kai had a wonderful year.  The teachers take care of kids so nicely and at the same time make them develop through the school life. Thanks.

Reiko N.     June 2020

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