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From the foundation built in the toddler classroom, the journey of discovery moves on to our Greentrees nursery program!

Designed for children ages 2 years 9 months through 3 years 8 months, this program works on developing thinking skills and the understanding of basic concepts through play. Learning experiences include following directions, exploring new situations, making choices, developing large and small motor skills, gaining independence, and fostering self-help skills. All of these skills are necessary to build a child’s self confidence.


Children of this age love to talk and be talked to. Conversation, reading, singing, finger plays and working with their friends helps develop thinking skills and the understanding of basic concepts. Play is often structured by the children’s imagination.


The classrooms are arranged with learning centers allowing freedom and providing materials for individual and group learning. The children have the opportunity to create, explore, discover, and experiment. The ultimate goal is to form their own experiences and enable them to find their own unique place in the world.


The Greentrees' nursery program follows our regular school calendar.  Many of our children join us for camp in the summer as well... enjoying swim lessons in our "big kid" in-ground pool!

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