Marilyn Hauer - Founder

Marilyn Hauer


Marilyn Hauer is the Founder of the Greentrees Country Day School and Camp. Marilyn received her Master of Science in Special Education, a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education. She also holds an advanced degree in Administration. For over three decades, she worked as a teacher, director and school district administrator. In 1988, Marilyn (along with her husband, Murray) decided to open a school “where children would always be happy.” Her vast experience provided Greentrees with the educational foundation that ensured a meaningful and successful pre-school experience for children. As our Founder, she set the tone and standard of education and put a strong emphasis on creativity as one of the building blocks of learning.

Linda Hauer - Owner / Executive Director

Linda Hauer

Owner / Executive Director

Linda Hauer, Marilyn’s daughter and the family’s third generation to be involved in education, joined Greentrees in 1989. She is now the school’s proud Owner and Executive Director, managing the day-to-day business operations and all tasks required to ensure a successful and enjoyable experience for current families as well as future ones. As a committed administrator and educator, Linda serves on many school and camp associations and is currently the co-president of Unified Private Schools. She wholeheartedly believes in the spirit of Greentrees. The dedication and enthusiastic spirit her mother Marilyn demonstrated during her nearly 30-year tenure is the same one Linda has not only embraced but is fiercely devoted to.

Greentrees Staff

We Make Education Fun!

We pride ourselves in hiring and retaining a well educated and experienced staff. Our lead teachers have degrees in Early Childhood Education or a related field. Many hold a Masters Degree as well. Teachers along with our trained classroom assistant teachers are able to communicate, both verbally and non verbally, understanding the pre school age children’s needs. Our staff are empathetic to children’s emotions and are also always mindful of parent’s needs. We take pride in implementing new and innovative ways to engage children in learning.


We look for dedicated staff members who have unique talents and skills. The staff members at Greentrees are made up of dedicated teachers and leaders who understand each child’s needs. We seek highly qualified childhood educators who are able to use their creativity along with their prior experience in Early Childhood. The focus of our program is to provide a life-long love of learning.

We are looking for a Head Toddler Teacher and Assistant for toddler classes 2019/2020.

Come join a winning team in a warm and friendly environment!