I just wanted to write a quick letter to you to let you know that Sabrina graduated last June from Greentrees but our experience is not "forgotten." Sabrina began Kindergarten in the Syosset School District. She came into Kindergarten very well prepared and way beyond the level of most kindergartners. A few of her Greentrees friends also went into kindergarten at their schools and are far exceeding the level of an average kindergartener. When I speak to these Moms we all agree that Greentrees is an exceptional school!! We loved the way you taught and we all felt that our kids were safe.

Sabrina enjoyed all of her teachers at Greentrees, owl club and camp. We have boxes of precious items that she made at Greentrees and I realize now how incredibly creative your staff is.

I can't speak highly enough about the way you run you school/camp. I wil continue to recommend you to each and everyone that I touch in my real estate career.

I wanted to wish you guys a very happy new year and continued success.

Love to all of Sabrina's past teachers (Miss Regina & Miss Christie).

Keep up the great work!!

P.S. I took Sabrina to Borders yesterday and besides reading just about everything she touched in the childrens section, she said that she must have HER OWN copy of Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein. She learned about it in Greentrees... WOW!!

Mara Navaretta

The Kindergarten teachers were extremely impressed by Robin's performance on the screening test. Robin is definitely well prepared for the year to come!

Sandy Y.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to all at Greentrees who impacted my children's and my life in such a positive way!


I can't believe how Jake is swimming! I am so shocked and impressed. Thanks for your help.

Jamie M.

We have found the counselors and staff mature, responsible and dedicated as well as fun and motivating. The kids really enjoyed themselves this summer.... camp was too short!

Ann R.

Dear Marilyn and Linda Hauer,
Thank you for creating such a wonderful learning environment for Gavin and we were touched by the thoughtful gift for baby Brian!